Just Been Dumped? – How To Cope With It

Nearly every one of us has had to cope with being dumped at some point in time. It has to be one of the most unpleasant cards that life can deal.

People who are trying to deal with the heartbreak and anguish that accompanies the end of a relationship are often at their wit’s end. Being without the person that you love leaves you with an empty feeling inside. You may feel that your heart has literally been ripped out and discarded. This is completely normal.

Being dumped is such a painful experience that many people feel they cannot put up with the torment, this is one reason why so many jilted lovers hope that the one they love will return to them. You should not lose hope, if you approach the situation in the right way you can reinstate the bond that once existed.

Often relationships disintegrate because of arguments that were blown out of all proportion, or harsh things that were said in the heat of the moment. A downward spiral of petty arguments and disagreements may have led to the breakup, and in hindsight you may be able to see that.

The first thing that you should do is stand back and evaluate the relationship that you had with your ex from a rational perspective. Did the good points outweigh the bad?, or was it a rocky relationship at the best of times?. If the latter is the case then you should consider cutting your losses, moving on, and finding someone who you are more compatible with. If the former is the case then the relationship may well be worth saving if the core of it was good.

Try to be positive. If a relationship is worth saving then there are ways that can enable you to get the person that you love back into your life, you just need to know how to do it in the correct way. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things, the aim of this website is to put you on the right path towards achieving your goal.

This website also aims to help people who are dealing with the end of a tumultuous relationship. It can be hard to know what do next when a such a relationship ends. We will show you ways to rebuild the confidence that is needed to close a difficult chapter and move on towards a better place in your life.

We Broke Up, But I Still Want My Ex Back!

You are wondering how it happened, your relationship ended and you need to know what your next step will be. Do you want your ex back because you have gone over the situation with a fine tooth comb and believe that person is the only one for you?.

Are you getting the cold shoulder and finding it hard to get in contact with your ex because they are making a conscious effort to avoid you, both in public and in the realm of social media?.

What If There Were a Step-by-Step Blueprint For Getting Your Ex Back?

Knowing what your first step should be is the most difficult part of the battle. Many people in your situation spend too much time mulling over what that step should be. Of course you need time to assess the situation and get to the point where you can act, but the longer you leave it the wider the gap gets between you and your ex.

You are not in a unique situation. Countless couples break up every single day, and on the flip-side – countless couples that broke up get back together every single day. Knowledge is the key to getting your ex back.

To make your ex want you back in your life you will have to pinpoint what attracted them to you in the first place and get them feel that attraction again. You will have to invest time and energy to make your ex want you back in their life.

Finding That Road to Reconciliation

In order for you to have a fighting chance at reconciliation you will have to move slowly and cautiously. Any display of desperation will hinder your chances of getting your ex back, it will spook them and drive them further away.

Your main focus should be getting back on speaking terms with your ex. When you are on speaking terms with your ex everything else will follow in time.

Slow and assured steps are what is needed to achieve your goal. You have to position yourself correctly and use proven techniques.

How To Bring Your Ex Back To That Early Relationship Magic

One of the best ways to get the person that you love to want you back again is to remind them about just how good things were between you. There are subtle ways to do this, if you do not use tact your ex might come to the conclusion that you are trying to manipulate them. Do not make your intentions obvious, if you do you will be working against yourself.

You need to work on restoring the strong emotional bond you once had with your ex. Making your ex want you again may seem like a daunting task, but rest assured, it is indeed possible.

Once you learn the techniques that required to win your ex back you will have a sure footing. Acquiring knowledge about how to achieve your goal is the only way to move forward with confidence.

Can You Get Your Ex Back If They Say They Don’t Love You Anymore?

Love is a hard fire to completely extinguish, it cannot be turned on and off  like a light switch. If your ex says that they do not love you anymore, don’t give up hope. You don’t lose the feeling in one day or a week. This is a process of months, it happens slowly but steadily.

Your ex is most likely suppressing their true feelings for you. They are trying convince themselves that they don’t need you and can move on. The truth is your ex still has feelings for you, those feelings may be buried under the problems that caused the break up, but in all likelihood, they still exist.

You need to gain the knowledge that is needed to bring those feelings back to the surface. If the embers of love still exist then it is possible to reignite the fire.

What Are The Signs That My Ex Still Loves Me? How Will I Know?

There are a multitude of signs that can indicate that your ex still has feelings for you.

  • Does your ex ask your friends or family how you are doing?.
  • Does your ex invite you to go out and do things with him/her?.
  • Does your ex call, email or text you for no apparent reason?.
  • Does your ex still buy you gifts or send you cards?.

Those are only a few examples that would indicate that your ex still has feelings for you, there are many more besides. Some signals are a lot more subtle and harder to distinguish. You have to tune yourself to pick up on those signals.

What Can I Do Right Now To Change How My Ex Feels About Me?

The breakup didn’t happen for no reason, obviously there must have been problems in the relationship or it wouldn’t have taken place. Before you start on your quest to get your ex back you will first have to identify the main reasons for the breakup.

Of course relationships are not going to be a bed of  roses all the time, life is not a fairytale. There is no such thing as perfection, everybody has their inherent faults. The only way to keep a relationship on an even keel is to face up to, and admit the faults that you have. Denying them is a source of contention that can often lead to breakup.

Get to know yourself and your faults, be flexible, and don’t take a hostile stance when someone points them out. Relationships are all about mutual accommodation. If there isn’t an atmosphere that encourages free and open dialog then the stage is set for inevitable failure.

You need to show your ex that you are willing to admit that you were wrong. The reasons for a breakup can rarely be laid on a single doorstep. If you admit your mistakes then your ex will be disarmed and more likely to admit their mistakes.

Do not project a false version of yourself in the hope that version will appeal to your ex. Be who you really are, being comfortable with yourself is a giant step towards contentment. Honesty and flexibility are the cornerstones of every successful relationship.

Should I Still Be Friends With My Ex After We’ve Broken Up?

When a relationship ends it can be hard to know exactly where your ex fits into your life. Just being friends can be torture when you are still in love. It is an almost instinctive reaction to remain friends after a breakup, it stems from a fear of being alone.

In the immediate aftermath of a breakup, and especially when you were the one that was dumped. It is almost impossible to remain friends, it is akin to rubbing salt into a wound.

Ideally there should be a clean break before you attempt to get back with your ex, but if you are in a situation where you are still friends with your ex then there are ways in which you can turn it around and make them become your lover again.

What if Your Ex is Ignoring You, or Won’t Answer Your Calls?

If you keep contacting your ex in the immediate aftermath of a breakup they will feel smothered and they will want nothing to do with you. If you ignore them for a period of time sometimes they will realize all the good times you had together and they will want to renew the relationship.

Do not give into the temptation of bombarding your ex with phone calls, emails, text messages etc. In the long run this will work against you and impede future attempts to get in contact.

Give it some time before you make contact again after the breakup, let the dust settle, let the air clear. That said, do not leave it for too long before you make a move. If you leave it for too long you will give your ex the impression that you don’t care. Timing is key. Knowing when to make contact and what to say is very important.

How Can I Get My Ex Back From Somebody Else?

Even the thought of your ex wanting to move on may make you feel like you’re never going to get them back. If your ex is seeing someone else don’t get disheartened, rebound relationships rarely last and often end as quickly as they start.

It happens a lot: before you get the chance to fix your breakup, your ex has a new boyfriend or girlfriend. And while this type of situation can seem hopeless, it’s not half as bad as you think it is.

Rebound relationships have the worst track record of any other type of romance. They have a very short duration, and generally end in a messy way.

So if your ex started dating again without fully getting over your past relationship? There’s a good chance of getting them back sooner than you think.

There’s not a lot you can do to stop your ex from dating someone else. However, there ARE things you can do to make your ex want you back… and to steal them away from a new lover before they even realize what’s happening.

Remember, the faster your ex jumped back into the dating pool, the less time he or she had to process their feelings for you. This means those underlying emotions are still there, leaving you an open door from which you can start working toward getting your ex to need you back.

This type of scenario is all about position. If you can put yourself in just the right place with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, you’ll be the first person they go to once signs of trouble start rearing up within their existing rebound relationship.

What if I Cheated? Can I Still Get My Ex to Take Me Back?

YES. And with the right approach? It’s even easier than getting them back without the infidelity.

Cheating ends a relationship quickly – too fast even for your ex’s liking. Upon finding out you’d been cheating on them, your boyfriend or girlfriend probably broke off your relationship without even stopping to think if a breakup is what they really wanted.

After a short while however, your ex will start to miss you. Even though they’re angry and hurt by your affair, your boyfriend or girlfriend never got the chance to to prepare for losing you quite so quickly and completely. This puts them in prime position, if you know what to do next.

To get your ex back after cheating, you’ll need to get them to forgive you. There are ways of not only sweeping the past under the rug, but actually getting your ex to give you a clean slate, even after you’ve been unfaithful. Learn how you can rebuild trust and re-establish a strong, lasting connection.

Can I Still Get Back With My Ex Even if it Seems Totally Hopeless?

Again, when it comes to repairing a broken relationship there’s no such thing as a hopeless situation. The only time you can fail in getting your ex back, is when you actually stop trying.

One thing you lost when your ex broke up with you wascontrol. Your boyfriend or girlfriend took all of the power away from you the moment they sat you down and announced they were abandoning the relationship for good.

In order to reverse the momentum and turn your breakup around, you’ll first need to seize back that control. The entire situation between you and your ex needs to be something that rests in your hands, and not in theirs.

To accomplish this, you’ll need a strong approach. If your ex senses weakness, or that you’re not very hopeful for the future, it enables them to continue the breakup without much of an afterthought. But once you’ve adapted a stronger and more cooly confident stance? Everything you say holds a lot more impact, and everything you do becomes a lot more important.

Additionally, there are techniques you can use to change your exgirlfriend or exboyfriend’s current mindset. Some even border on mind manipulation, but applied correctly they can seriously change the way your ex sees and thinks about you right now.

Be sure to learn which psychological triggers are best for gaining a positive response from your ex girlfriend or boyfriend. Pressing these emotional hot buttons might actually seem unfair, but with a little patience you can actually get your ex to begin chasing YOU rather than vice versa.

Your Next Steps – Win Back Your Ex

Totally. Because getting someone who dumped you to actually want you back isn’t something you can accomplish overnight; there are always smaller steps that lead up to getting back together.

The good news however, is that you can accelerate the process of winning your ex back. Just learning these steps isn’t enough – you need to be proactive about everything you do, from the moment your ex breaks up with you to the moment you’re once again back in each other’s arms.

Find out which simple adjustments can help you get your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back quickly, by making them miss and need you more than they ever did before.


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